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So I recently wrapped the story in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, I still have a few side quests and shrines to wrap up but I decided I'll save that for later while I wait for that DLC to drop. While playing though I started to think about what other IP's that Nintendo has that could possibly benefit from an open world type of game. The first game series that sprang to mind was Metroid.

Over the years, Metroid has seen its game formula tinkered with in different ways. From 8 and 16-bit side scrolling action games to first person action adventure games to a 2.5D hybrid. Some of them were met with praise while others not so much. What would I like to see in a new Metroid title? Funny you should ask. 

Before any of you think Prime anything, STOOOOPPPPPP!!!!! Not going there, in my opinion, the Prime series ended with Metroid Prime 3 Corruption (awesome game by the way). For this game, the story should be brand new. On a personal level, I would love to see something done with the Chozo. The first Metroid Prime game gave some hints about them and how all of them weren't science lovers and peaceful. I would love to see a game where we get to learn about them. Of course, the space pirates would need to show up (Samus needs her target practice after all) but instead of having Ridley show up for the thousandth time how about Kraid make an appearance. This can be done how Breath of the Wild had the environment or mid-bosses roaming around the world. Think of them as much bigger and nastier Lynel's. Would also love to get to use Samus in her Zero Suit. At the very least have missions where the player has to use that suit and different weapons to complete objectives. Put a pin in the Zero Suit stuff, for now, I'm going to come back to that a little later. As far as the scope I figure a few big continents ala Xenoblade Chronicles X would work and to make traversal easier use the gunship for getting around or any other vehicle Samus finds. The Metroid games are known for their sense of claustrophobic areas and those can still be there in story specific missions. Whatever they do though I hope they never do the "authorization of weapons" that was done in Metroid Other M, I think all fans agree that wasn't the best approach to take story-wise. Lastly, I wouldn't mind seeing some of the other bounty hunters in the Nintendo Sci-Fi side of their games. It could make the game more interesting to see some of the other hunters in action.

Remember when I talked about Samus and her Zero Suit, well here is what I think could work in a new Metroid game. Let's see Samus take down enemies inside and outside of the Varia Suit. If you know anything about the Metroid lore then you know that just because Samus is out of that suit it doesn't make her any less deadly or an efficient ass kicker. Having her do missions or giving players the option to tackle objectives in the Zero Suit can give fans a look at her fighting style and prowess sans the suit. Now, of course, the Varia has to show up and be used along with cool upgrades that they do for every game. Although I would like to see some new abilities this time around. Don't get me wrong I like the grapple beam but I think it's time to get some new stuff. I did like the finishers that were introduced in Other M and I think that should be brought back. Also, I think the game should be in the third person as I like seeing the character put foot to backsides.

Final Thoughts
I am hopeful that there will be a new game in the Metroid franchise on the Switch. However, if you are a fan of the series you're going to have to support it, a lot of times people love to say what game needs to be on a system but when it comes to actually getting the game they either don't buy it or buy it used. That isn't supporting the franchise. If you want to show your support you have to buy the game new. Hopefully, the next game in the franchise will be a truly epic affair. Are you a fan of Metroid? Do you think there will be a new Metroid title on the Switch? Let me know what you think in the comments and as always thanks for reading.

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