Game Review - The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

Available on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U; version played Switch

Open Air Hyrule Version
Breath of the Wild is the latest game in the Legend of Zelda franchise and it's a big one. The game is about as open world as open world gets and it is something that fans of the series have been asking for, for a while now. This isn't like any other game in the series as there is a true sense of freedom to everything that you do in the game. Players can play in any way they choose as well. For example, I usually stock up on hearts as I like to rush headlong into fights. If you like to take a different approach you can max out your stamina gauge that will allow you to run longer, climb longer, glide longer, etc. With the expanded Hyrule landscape there are plenty of secrets scattered across each section. On the subject of landscapes, the map in this game is ridiculous. Let's just say there are horses in this game for a reason. The art style in the game is just like what was in Skyward Sword. Just like in Skyward Sword, I like the art direction, each race, monster, and environment feel unique and different. The cel shade style really helps bring the fantasy world to life.

Combat with a hint of the Matrix
Combat in the Zelda series is a given and most games always have a few changes to make the experience feel different from the last. In Twilight Princess, for example, there were the moves you learned from the Hero Shade. In this game, it's all about perfect dodge and perfect block. If you can time your dodge just right Link will essentially enter the Matrix where time slows down and you will be able to dole out damage aptly named Flurry Rush. Executing a flurry rush can come in handy, so learning this is pretty important. I don't know how many times I have been saved from a Lynel by a well-timed flurry rush. On the subject of Lynels, there are a lot of different enemy types in Breath of the Wild. If you have played any of the previous entries in the series then you are bound to recognize a few of them. What stands out to me about this is the environment bosses. They have shown this in the trailers of the game. You will see a big mechanical Guardian just coming out of nowhere. They are there in the game but they aren't the only boss type character you can walk into while adventuring. Nothing like walking into a Stone Talus fight and you are currently lacking in the bomb department. Not to fret though just as there are multiple ways to get through the world there are multiple ways to attack the different enemies you will encounter. Between Guardians, Lynels, Hinoxes, and Moldugas there is a lot in Hyrule that will keep you paying attention to your surroundings.

Finally, there's Voice Acting....Kinda
One of the biggest wants that modern gamers want in games is voice acting. Traditionally, the Zelda series didn't have any voice acting outside of grunts and the occasional HI. For the first time in the Zelda series, there is voice acting, during cutscenes (baby steps guys baby steps). Personally, I feel the voice acting isn't bad. In my previous post about Princess Zelda, I did mention how at first she did get on my nerves vocally but it did get better in my opinion. The story for the game is mostly told in the Captured Memories quest in the game. The captured memories quest serves as a way to get to know Princess Zelda and the Champions better. I think this worked for the game as the memories are scattered throughout Hyrule. From a musical standpoint, I enjoyed it. I still think that Skyward Sword is my favorite Zelda game soundtrack but this one is pretty good as well.

Final Thoughts
No game is perfect in my opinion. I think it all comes down to the level of enjoyment that the player has with the game. Personally, I enjoyed this game immensely and feel it is one of the better games in the series. I still love Ocarina of Time but this one beats it in my opinion. This is a game that fans can play for a long time. With 120 shrines to locate and beat and a significant number of side quests on top of the main quest, this is a game where you can easily get lost in the adventure. I would recommend this game to any Nintendo fan's game library. I give this a FULL PRICE/BUY. Have you played Breath of the Wild? What did you think of the game? Let me know in the comments below.


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