Movie Review - Teen Titans The Judas Contract

Synopsis (from IMDB):  Tara Markov is a girl with power over earth and stone; she also is more than what she seems. Is the newest Teen Titan an ally or a threat? And what are the mercenary Deathstroke's plans for the team?

Just to be honest DC and WB are in a league of their own when it comes to their animated projects. In all honesty, I have not read the original comic, The Judas Contract, so I am coming into this with nothing to reference. I will say that the movie kind of parallels the old Teen Titans cartoon that was on Cartoon Network back in the early 2000's. Terra is introduced in this movie as well as Brother Blood. Once again the voice cast is great and does an awesome job. The animation looks great and looks like a continuation of Teen Titans vs Justice League. The roster is pretty much the same with the added addition of Terra, the animators do a good job on her power set and the character does have a good deal of trauma that bleeds into her powers. The story in and of itself is pretty straightforward. Like I stated earlier I have never read the Judas Contract so I don't know what's missing or what's been changed but from a story standpoint, the movie makes sense.

My issues with the movie come from a lack of knowing much about Terra and Brother Blood. We learn some things about Terra via Flashbacks but the movie reveals that she has been on the team for a full year. So that much time has passed between Teen Titans vs Justice League and where our story picks up. There are so many red flags that you see doing the course of the movie as to why there should have been more than just Damian being suspicious. The team tries to show that they care but she shuns them at every turn. The part that really made me scratch my head was between Terra and Gar(Beast Boy). In the Teen Titans cartoon from Cartoon Network, there was a whole season dedicated to that possible doomed romance. Here it just kind of felt a little weird especially with how everything goes down. Brother Blood and his cult honestly do not get enough story time or screen time in my opinion. Their arc serves as more of a means to an end as opposed to anything significant. Other than that I didn't find anything that I didn't really like with how the story went.

For Parents
This movie is PG-13. There is a little language in the movie and action sequences. There are also a couple of weird situations one involving an older man and young lady that is clearly a teenager. It doesn't go the way it's hinted that one of the characters wanted it to go but it is in there and it's really weird. The movie is about an hour and a half, which is pretty standard for these types of movies.

Final Verdict
Overall I thought the movie was good and entertaining. I give it a FULL PRICE/BUY. It is a good one to add to the DC animated movie collection. There is an after credits stinger that kind of teases how one character may come back. They also introduce another character before the end credits begin as well. On a side note, Kevin Smith voices himself and is in the movie and it's pretty cool. Have you seen Teen Titans: The Judas Contract? What did you think? Let me know in the comments and as always thanks for reading.


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