Game Review - ARMS (makes me miss Ready 2 Rumble a little)

Available on Nintendo Switch

The Game
ARMS is the newest IP from Nintendo that combines boxing and slinkies. Seriously though, ARMS is a new fighting game fresh from Japan that feels like a cross between Ready 2 Rumble Boxing and Wii Sports Boxing, at least it does to me anyway. The game is a lot of fun to play. Each character has their own specific style and a special ability that suits that particular fighter. The game has 10 unique characters with unique looks and skills. There is a variety of ARMS that you can set for your character of choice after unlocking them. Every character starts with a base set of ARMS some work, some may not for your individual playstyle. For instance, I like to use fast characters and feints in my matches. So my characters of choice are Spring Man, Ninjara, and Ribbon Girl. I think that there are characters for all play types in this game. The fight arenas are varied as well and mesh well with the character that calls that arena home. There are plenty of control options for this game as well. You don't have to use the motion control option if you don't want to and during the Grand Prix mode of the game, you are given the option to Save and Quit. The Grand Prix mode is your standard ladder mode that is in most fighters, however, in two of those fights, there will be a change up whether it be a Skill Shot Match, V-Ball Match, or Hoops Match. I like this as it breaks up the gameplay in an interesting way. This game does support local multiplayer and it is fun. I have only tried it in tabletop mode and it is in split screen in that mode. It wasn't an issue for me but I know some people may cry foul because of the screen size. The one thing I kind of don't like with the Grand Prix mode of the game is the fact that Biff, the commentator, is voiceless. He basically sounds like the Inklings in Splatoon. I kind of got used to him during the Directs and thought that they were going to bring him back for the full game. Another thing that I was kind of hoping for was a story mode in the game. The game screams hilarity to me so I was hoping that the game would have a kind of story mode for how certain people gained that ability. Hopefully, if the game does well enough for a sequel or another entry the team can come up with something.

The online is pretty much how it was in the Global TestPunch, Party Match wise. The party match is great for getting your money up to help get new ARMS. Also, the variety of the mode is awesome. Matches aren't boring and I have always been able to find a match pretty easily. Also, my Internet is pretty good so there isn't any lag in any of the matches. There is a Ranked Match mode but I will say this about that, make sure you have a character that you feel absolutely comfortable with before you go into that mode. There are some good players in this game so be ready for a challenge in that mode.

Final Thoughts
The game has an awesome soundtrack in my opinion. There are a lot of good music in the game that helps to kick things up a notch. Also, just like Splatoon, this game will be getting free updates of characters and arenas in the future. As a matter of fact, the first one due to release is the Max Brass, the ARMS League champ and the character you tangle with at the end of the Grand Prix. I am interested in seeing what kind of events the team has cooked up for this game. One of the things I loved about the first Splatoon game were the Splatfests that would take place from time to time. I take it the ARMS version of that will be a little different but I am ready for whatever they have planned. To me, this game is a lot of fun whether playing by yourself or with friends. This game is getting a FULL PRICE/BUY from me. I think that it is a great game to add to the Switch library and just like Splatoon, will be another IP people will come to enjoy. Have you played the game? Are you thinking about adding it your Switch library? Let me know in the comments and as always thanks for reading.


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