Game Review - Garou Mark of the Wolves (honestly it's just Fatal Fury 4)

Available on XBONE, Switch, Dreamcast, PS4, PSVita, and PC; version played Switch
*This game may be available on other systems, however, these are the ones that I am aware of at this time.*

The Game
The last game in the Fatal Fury series and it's a fun one. The original game came out a while back and I never got a chance to play it until now. I have a fond place for the Fatal Fury series as it was one of the first fighting games I played and animes that I liked as well. But enough about that let's talk about the game. This game takes place some years after FF3 and the entire cast is new except for Terry Bogard. He is the only character from the original series that is in this title (although my personal favorite character Andy could have shown up too). From a story perspective, Terry's involvement makes sense as the game's story revolves around him and Geese's son, Rock Howard. From a visual standpoint, the game looks great especially considering the year it originally released. The sprites and backgrounds look great and the character animations are fluid. There aren't that many characters, the roster sits at 12 characters and each of the characters has their own strengths and weaknesses. The variety between the different characters in the game will have you thinking about what strategy to use. The game is challenging but fun. Don't be surprised if you lose a few times as it will probably happen just due to the nature of playing the game with a controller rather than an arcade stick. I recommend playing this game with the Pro Controller as the d-pad on it is better suited for fighting games. From a story perspective, I would love to see the game made into an anime. Just following Terry's and Rock's stories were just interesting to me. There isn't much I didn't like about the game. Although there are a learning curve and some characters will be a little tough to beat initially. Other than that I think the game is a blast to play.

Final Thoughts
I think the game is a whole lot of fun and is pretty easy to pick up and challenging to master. Also, it is on the affordable side as well. In the eShop, the game is $7.99 and that fit pretty easily in my budget. I give this game a FULL PRICE. If you are a fighting game fan I think you will find this one enjoyable. I really wouldn't mind if this one got an HD remake as I think it would make the game look even better. Have you played this game yet? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments below and as always thanks for reading.


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