First Impressions - Implosion Never Lose Hope

Available on Steam and Nintendo Switch

The Game
The story for this game revolves around a group of humans who left the earth during an invasion and have come back years later to save the remanents of humanity and exterminate the alien species responsible for the destruction. Outside of the very cool looking opening the game's cutscenes are done in a storybook type style with voice overs of still images.  In all honesty, the story is okay it won't win a Pulitzer but it is okay for what this game is at its core. This game graphically is okay and the enemy variety is decent which I found to be a big surprise seeing as how this game is essentially a hack n slash game set in a sci-fi setting.

Combat/Game Play
The game is pretty linear and it is understandable since the game is an action title. As I have stated earlier, this game is a hack n slash game but it also has a few RPG elements thrown in for good measure. Your basic attacks are with your blade and you can chain together light and heavy attacks for some decent combos. You also have an access to various ranged weapons throughout the game that add for some variety to the levels. On the enemy side of things is where there is some variety but also some repetitiveness. The repetition is an issue with all games of this nature as you have your obvious fodder enemies, ranged enemies, tough enemies, and bosses. There are instances where you can use the environment to help take out enemies as well. The game is broken up into chapters and each chapter has missions assigned to it. These are bite size and don't take long to get through, you are graded at the end of each level though and your mech suit is upgradeable the higher your level is, all in all, it's not a bad job that the developers have done.

Initial Thoughts
For a budget title, it's not half bad. I do have a few issues at the moment but nothing that doesn't amount to more than nitpicking at this point. While the story isn't great the action, in my opinion, makes up for that issue. The enemy variety is good and the bosses, the ones I have fought at least, are challenging to say the least. You can go back and replay any mission you have completed and this can help out with your level and have access to better gear and equipment. I am having fun so far and am looking forward to finishing this one up. Are you thinking about picking up Implosion? Let me know in the comments and as always thanks for reading.


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