Splatoon 2 SplatFest Thoughts

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Cake vs. Ice Cream
I actually forgot how much fun a SplatFest could be. It had been awhile since there has been a SplatFest and in all honesty, I haven't played the first Splatoon in months but seeing as how Splatoon 2 is releasing soon I thought I would go ahead and join the SplatFest World Premiere. I chose Team Ice Cream honestly because I like Marina a little more than I do Pearl (sorry Pearl fans). During my playthrough, there were a lot of Ice Cream inklings. As a matter of fact, a lot of my matches weren't even against Team Cake. That being said it was still a lot of fun. Although I wish I was able to get together with my friends and squad up like that one game it was still fun as I had decent teams that I was a part of and was able to wreck shop.

A Few Problems
As much as I enjoyed myself I did notice a few issues with the game itself. For some reason, I kept getting out of the lobby after matches. I thought it may have been my connection but I checked and it wasn't me. I'm sure this will be fixed before the game releases, it was just unfortunate that happened on more than one occasion. Also, and this is a just a nitpick but I wish that it was a little longer than an hour. SplatFest usually lasts an entire weekend but I guess they wanted to do it like the Global TestFire, still, I wouldn't mind if the test fire was longer.

I had a great time and thought it was fun. Having not played Splatoon in a while actually got me amped up while playing the game. Although I will not be getting this day one as there are a couple more games that I wish to get I do plan on picking this up down the line. I enjoyed the first game immensely and I don't see why anyone who has played the original would not like this one as well. Also, with the way the Switch is designed I have a feeling this game will be getting a lot of playtime with gamers. What did you think of the SplatFest? Are you getting Splatoon 2 this week? Let me know in the comments below and as always thanks for reading.

Jay's Game Play

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