Thoughts on San Diego Comic Con 2017

One of these days I am going to find a way to get to San Diego Comic Con. This year there were a lot of great panels and trailer releases. I want to share my favorites with you and what I am looking forward to in the future as far as TV and Movies are concerned. With that being said let's get started shall we.

The Defenders
We got the second trailer and it was awesome. We got to hear more of Sigourney Weaver's Alexandra and Scott Glenn's Stick speaking about the Battle for New York. There were some nice action shots in the trailer as well. If you have followed any of the individual shows it looks like fans will be in for an awesome show. In case you missed it, check out the trailer below.

Stranger Things Season 2
You know you have something special when you hear Michael Jackson's Thriller playing over the trailer. I loved the first season of Stranger Things, as an 80's baby I understood a lot of the references and loved the characters. Season 2 seems to be amping things up and it will be fun seeing what the after effects of being in the UpsideDown for so long have on Will and his best friends. Check out the trailer.

Thor 3 Raganorok
I am not going to lie as much as I like Thor his solo movies haven't been all that great to me. This one, however, I am a little more optimistic. I mean they have Cate Blanchett and she is awesome, plus it looks like we're getting Thor vs Hulk in an obvious homage to Planet Hulk. This movie will more than likely be directly connected to Infinity War. Here's hoping this movie does well. The trailer for it was great.

Justice League
This movie looks like it is going to be great. I am pulling for the DCEU and this trailer gives us our first look at Steppenwolf. He looks good even if he is fully CG, the threat looks to be a global one and will test the heroes as they will be obviously outgunned and outmanned. There are a lot of easter eggs and mentions in the trailer. At the very least I am very intrigued by what I saw.

This fantasy mash up looks weird but sometimes weird actually works for me. I don't really know much about this one but the way the trailer is setup it has me interested. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Star Trek Discovery
Not gonna lie here, I enjoyed the trailer and that it was good. I will watch this one since the pilot will be on TV. I will not, however, buy this on CBS' app. As a fan of Trek, I hope it does well as I like the cast and the trailer is interesting.

Voltron Season 3
With the way Season 2 left off I am looking forward to seeing how the show handles the fallout. The good news is there will be more seasons. The bad news is those seasons will be shorter. Standout from the trailer is we finally get to see Prince Lotor. Things will definitely be getting more interesting when season 3 releases on August 4.

I watched a few of the panels and I love those. It's always fun to see those and see fan reactions to things. I did hear about some cool things that happened for attendees. For instance, Hall H attendees got to see footage of Black Panther, the first episode of Defenders, and some footage from Infinity War. Hence, why I said one of these years I got to get there to experience it for myself. Do you have a favorite trailer or reveal from this year's Con? Let me know in the comments and as always thanks for reading.

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