Film Review - Fairy Tail Dragon Cry

Synopsis: Natsu and his friends travel to the island kingdom of Stella to retrieve an artifact that was stolen from the kingdom of Fiore and stop the world from being destroyed.

So I got lucky as the Alamo Drafthouse in my area had a screening of the movie and I was able to get a ticket. This is the second movie in the Fairy Tail universe. This movie is going to be a little bit weird to watch if you haven't read the manga as the anime is currently on hiatus. The anime is due to come back soon to animate the last arc of the manga and this story takes place in that time period. From an animation standpoint, the movie looks great. The action is fluid and the artwork is good, especially in certain parts of the movie when they reach the island of Stella where most of the film takes place.  If you are a fan of Fairy Tail there is a good amount of action and comedy in the movie. There is also fan service but I found most of it to be funny some people may not but it's nothing that wasn't in the manga or anime. There is also a pretty cool twist that I honestly did not see coming. I like that they did that and how the twist was executed.

On the flip side, there were a few things that I didn't like about the movie. One, I thought the villain was pretty lame all things considered. He just seemed to be sadistic just for the sake of being sadistic. Also, unlike the first movie, the guild really isn't featured in this one. Gajeel, Levy, Juvia, and Panther Lily show up but outside of Juvia, the rest don't really get to do anything except mop up scrubs which is a letdown to me. The other thing that I found odd was that magic was barely used in this, I don't know the reasoning for this but I did find that to be disappointing. Lastly, the movie is really short. I think that the movie should have been a little bit longer to help with story elements. At points, the movie did feel a little rushed to me. Also, there are a couple of questions that we never get an answer to in the movie that makes me think there are some deleted scenes that probably should be added back into the film.

For Parents
If they watch the anime then there really isn't anything too much different from that. If you have an issue with fan service then don't watch this as there is a ton of it in this movie. Most of it is done for laughs but if you have an issue with that please don't watch this because all this is going to do is piss you off. It is on the short side but is paced well in my opinion.

Final Thoughts
To be honest I enjoyed the film overall but I can't deny that it has its problems. That being said the film is short and not boring by any means. This movie is probably going to split some of the Fairy Tail fan base. Since its only a limited theater viewing I am going to give this a RENTAL. I think if you are a fan of Fairy Tail you can probably enjoy it unless you have an issue with fan service. While the story isn't the greatest I did enjoy some of the action and one reveal in particular that wasn't shown in the manga. Also, there is a post credit scene that is pretty good in my opinion. Have you had a chance to catch the movie? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and thanks for reading.


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