First Impressions - Fate Extella The Umbral Star

Available on Nintendo Switch

The Game
This is a Musou game that takes place in the Fate series. The Fate series revolves around different heroes and legends from across time being summoned to do battle at the behest of mages for the Holy Grail. The series has light novels as well as anime and other forms of media. This is the first time we are getting a game here in the USA. I think that this game is basically for fans of the series as the story is brand new and is written by the author. While you may notice many of the characters from the anime, some of them have different names and motivations. This game actually starts after the Holy Grail has been won. Your character is settling into your new role when all hell breaks loose. Visually, I can't lie the game looks like a PS2 game in certain areas. There is also a lot of text in the game and the game is in Japanese with subtitles. While the visuals are a little disappointing, if you are a fan of the Musou genre I think it is okay, not great but okay.

Much like Hyrule Warriors, One Piece Pirate Warriors, and Dynasty Warriors this game is all about the action. Each character is unique and has their own move sets and specials. Knowing when to use them is important as you will be outnumbered in every area you go to until you complete the objective for the stage/chapter. Leveling up will grant you access to more moves to use during each stage. There are also bosses and enemy characters that you will tangle with in each stage. Usually defeating them will clear the area unless otherwise stated. Basically, it's the standard setup for a Musou game fodder enemies are all around with a few of the tougher "captains" that will need to be dealt with before you can move on to the next area. To be honest I think Koei Tecmo does it better as you can clearly tell the difference between the pawns and the captains. In this game, everybody looks the same unless they are a significant character that you must confront to move the story along. Also, the camera can be a problem from time to time, especially in the heat of battle.

What I Think So Far
Well, I think that it's a good attempt but there are just better games in the genre. It also doesn't help that there is a crap ton of exposition at the beginning of every chapter. You can't just dive into a fight like in Hyrule Warriors, you have to go through a lot of text and then you can get to the action. There are a few modes and some cool characters with their own side stories, and in that way, the game stays interesting. However, I can't see this game being much fun outside of fans of the anime. To me, there are too many other titles in the genre that are just better than this one. Have you had a chance to play Fate Extella? What are your thoughts? Let's talk about it in the comments. As always thanks for reading.


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