Impressions - Metroid Samus Returns

Available on the Nintendo 3DS

One of my favorite video game series of all time got a new entry recently. Metroid Samus Returns is the remake of the Game Boy game Metroid II. Sad to say I never got the chance to play it when it originally released and its one of the few games in the series that I haven't had a chance to play. Needless to say, I have been looking forward to this one. From a visual standpoint, the game is beautiful. The artwork and environments look great and make planet SR-388 ready for exploration. The game moves at a brisk pace as enemies are pretty plentiful at the outset, which is good because of the new additions to the gameplay.  The story itself is pretty straightforward, Galactic Federation sends scientists to the planet, they send back garbled messaged before they are mysteriously never heard from again. Federation sends in one lone bounty hunter to find out what's going on. See, as straightforward as straightforward gets. Personally, I love that about this game. I have read that the game takes about 6 - 8 hours to complete which is perfect for on the go gaming.

Like most Metroid games you start out with very little in your arsenal. This is a good thing because this will give you a chance to master the melee counter move which is new to this game. The melee counter is very important as it will save you when encountering certain enemies and especially enemies that are attacked by metroids themselves. Fighting metroids can be a fun and frustrating experience at times but more on the fun side. Especially when you start finding more and more upgrades. There is plenty to do in this game. For example, there are 40 metroids to find and send on their way to the pearly gates. Another cool feature that is in this game is the aeion (hope I'm spelling that right) powers. These are powers that help you out in game. For example, the first ability you get lets you scan an area to find any possible weak points. So far that ability has been useful to find places that I didn't know existed.

Overall, I am enjoying myself so far. The exploration, action, and environment are great. While I am a little worried about some of the button commands, I do understand why the creators decided to put things where they did. I am looking forward to finishing this one up and seeing how everything plays out. Did you pick this game up? Are you enjoying it so far? Let's talk about it in the comments and as always thanks for reading.


Images via Nintendo 3DS Share and MiiVerse

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