Impressions - Project Octopath Traveler Demo

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Announced during the Nintendo Direct on September 13, 2017, the demo is the newest game from Square Enix and the team behind the Bravely Default series. The game boasts a unique visual style that is being dubbed HD-2D or 2D-HD, whatever it is it looks great in motion as there are little touches in the backgrounds and throughout the areas that give the game a style that I haven't seen done before. The soundtrack is amazing and the voice acting is very good. I especially enjoy the Primrose voice actress, as I think she nailed it and I can't wait to see more of the character in the full game. The combat is that of a normal turn-based action RPG with a new wrinkle and that is Boost Points. Saving boost points and using them at the right time can strengthen an attack or special ability to deal out major damage. Personally, it saved me plenty of times as you can see if you follow my Youtube channel or my channel on VidME.

The demo allows you to play two different paths one with the warrior Olberic Eisenberg and one with the dancer Primrose. Each character's path is vastly different than the other and both take place in a different area of the world. During the demo, you don't see how they can be connected but when the game is fully released I am sure there will be story elements that will connect each of the 8 protagonists.

Olberic's Path
This path is one that is most like a traditional RPG from a story perspective. The path follows a fallen knight Olberic Eisenberg who was betrayed by his friend. See I told you this path was like a normal RPG storyline. His path revolves around protecting his village home from brigands and training the young men of the village to be able to protect the village. This story deals with honor for the most part and Olberic's moveset is pretty good. He is pretty much a tank and can fight with either the sword or a polearm. I enjoyed playing with him as he can pretty much challenge anyone to a fight and some npc's in the game is pretty strong. As a matter of fact, when you go to issue a challenge the number of stars next to the character tells you how tough a fight you will have on your hands. Once you get the hang of fighting those fights can be fun and they yield a lot of experience if you can win, the high-level ones will that is.

Primrose's Path
I liked this path the most as it was a little darker than Olberic's. The way her story starts off is sad but what happens during her path and the reasons she has for doing what she does can be a little heartbreaking. This path deals with some adult type themes and there are some actions that are implied to have taken place. You will be able to put two and two together when you get to the end of her path. Although I will say the way her path ends is highly enjoyable, as the person responsible for what she had been going through met his end. The soundtrack for her path was my favorite. I'm hoping we can get a full soundtrack upon release of the game.

Overall, I enjoyed this demo very much. This game was on my radar but after playing the demo it went to a day one purchase for me. I love old school JRPGs and this looks like it will be a good one. I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the characters play like and what their stories and paths will be like. Have you played the demo? Which character was your favorite? Will you be picking this game up when it releases? Let's talk about it in the comments and as always thanks for reading.


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