Thoughts on the Nintendo Direct for 09.13.17

Today's Direct was a large one, time wise, and covered games that will be releasing in the Fall as well as next year. The basic setup was much like the last Direct with four games having a spotlight and the rest showing up as headlines. I like that approach, in all honesty, however, today's direct was broken up into two parts. The beginning was dedicated to the 3DS and the last part to the Switch. Here's what interested me during the presentation.

Nintendo 3DS
To be honest not to much piqued my interest during this portion of the presentation but there were a couple of things that caught my eye. It started off with a Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra trailer and a discussion about what happened to the cover Pokemon. This might be an interesting game to play. I usually skip a game or two in between my Pokemon games so I may pick this one up at some point. The next game that caught my eye was Metroid Samus Returns. The game releases this Friday so they just gave us a trailer and a what to expect. The last thing to catch my eye was the orange and white 2DS XL. Not gonna lie that thing looked great.

Nintendo Switch
There were a couple of surprises on the Switch side of the Direct that I don't think anybody saw coming. The first game that caught my eye is the game I am looking forward to this holiday and that is Xenoblade Chronicles 2. We got a concrete release date and learned a little more about the world of Alrest. Next game that I am looking forward to is Fire Emblem Warriors and today they introduced Lyn as being a playable character in the game. There was a release date given for the Champions amiibo as well as what each will do in the game. Another game that caught my eye is Octopath Traveler, what makes this game unique to me is its art style. I am looking forward to checking this one out, also there is a demo available for download on the eShop, check it out if you are interested. Of course, there was a look at Super Mario Odyssey. There were new areas revealed and we got a look at the entity that is controlling Mario's hat. The two games that were revealed that I honestly did not see coming were DOOM and Wolfenstein 2. I did not think that Bethesda would release those games on the Switch. A little bit of DOOM was shown and I am not going to lie it looked good. It will be interesting to see how well it does on the system.

Well, that's the short version of what I found to be interesting to me in the Direct. What are you looking forward to? Was there any game that went from maybe to day one pick up for you? Let's discuss in the comments and as always thanks for reading.

Nintendo Direct 09.13.17

Images via Nintendo

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