First Impressions - Destiny 2

Available on PS4, XBONE, & PC

Yeah, you read that right. This game has a campaign mode and it's actually pretty good, in my opinion. As a matter of fact, the game starts off with you in the campaign. The game gets pretty hectic as you have to fight your way to the invading alien, a very big Michael Clarke Duncan looking guy named Ghaul. I don't want to spoil anything for you but I have to give it to Bungie they did a good job on the story for this game. The voice acting is well done, with my favorite character being Cayde-6 voiced by Nathan Fillon. He pretty much has the best lines in the game period. Visually, it looks amazing and the Cabal, new bad guy army, are appropriately armed. They are also appropriately annoying in some instances. Now they are certain aspects of the campaign that can't be accessed until you reach the appropriate level. The game does allow you to reach the max level, at the time of this post it's 20, at level 20 the campaign is more manageable especially when it comes to fighting waves of enemies. All in all the campaign is a welcome and fun with an interesting, if at times cliched villain.

Public Events
If you want to level up fast one way to do it is playing public events. Public events come at random times and involve different tasks. For example, one of the public events is called Ether Supply where you have to destroy a Servitor to cut the cabal supply lines. If you take out an additional objective you can turn a Public Event into a Heroic Event which will boost experience and you may even get a rare weapon or gear. Put in a few hours of public events and watch your level climb in no time. I did this when I ran into an issue in the campaign where I was underpowered, my best friend and I played about 4 hours of public events and I gained about 6 levels. Also, I find it better to do events with people you know, only because you know how you and your friends play styles are and tendencies. Plus I just find it to be more fun, just saying.

Final Thoughts
I haven't done the Leviathan Raid or any of the Night Raids yet as I am currently trying to get my power up. Also, I want to do those with my clan and I am currently behind my clan mates as I didn't get the game at launch. To me, this game is an improvement over the first entry and I think that people can enjoy this game. My current favorite class is the Warlock, I may try to try the Hunter class out next. The supers in this game are awesome and can really turn the tide in a fight especially when you're outnumbered. Overall, I am enjoying the game a lot. Have you tried Destiny 2 yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and as always thanks for reading.


Images via XBox Share and check the YouTube and Vidme Channels for gameplay

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