Impressions - Wulver Blade (The North Never Forgets)

Available now on Switch, coming soon to PS4, XBONE, and Steam

Initial Thoughts
Wulver Blade from developer Fully Illustrated is an old-school side-scrolling beat'em up. What makes this game unique is the fact that it is based on real events. Basically, the game is historical fiction at its finest. Wulver Blade's art style works well with the action and gameplay mechanics. I found myself enjoying how beautiful everything looks, especially in motion. The story revolves around a trio of siblings: Caradoc, Brennus, and Guinevere and their mission to stop Rome's invading Ninth Legion from taking the North of Britannia. There are eight chapters in the campaign with a lot of secrets contained in each chapter. A lot of the secrets contained in the chapters are historical notes, videos, and pictures of actual places in Britain. Being a bit of a history nerd I found this to be awesome and I have found myself replaying chapters trying to make sure that I didn't miss anything. Besides the Campaign, there is an Arena mode where you can get used to the gameplay. Arena mode will have you facing off against waves of enemies in various locales from the game. It is also important to note that you are graded on well you do after each chapter and there are leaderboards for Arena mode.

As I stated earlier this is a side-scrolling beat'em up type game. However, you can bring in a second player to help you out should things get a little dicey (trust me they will). This game will kick your proverbial butt like most beat'em ups did back in the day. You will be surrounded often in this game and outnumbered thankfully each of the three characters plays differently. Caradoc is the more balanced of the three and generally a good character to start with if you are new to beat'em ups. Brennus is your tank as he has a lot of power and can take a lot of punishment. Guin is the faster of the three and can do a lot of damage with her multiple strikes, the problem is she can't take a lot of punishment. Out of the three, I find that Brennus works better with my particular play style. All characters have a rage mode, where when you build up your meter and tap L you can go into a rage state and decimate your enemies. This will give you back some health so be strategic in its use. Another move that each character has is that once per level you can call in your wolves to attack. This can help get you out of a jam but remember that you can only use this move once per level. Other than that the game is really just your standard arcade brawler. Seeing as how this game is based on real events I have to say this game is gory, violent, and bloody. This game's story is basically a war for survival and let's be honest war isn't pretty. You can pick up the severed limbs of defeated enemies and use against other enemies. You can also pick up other weapons outside of your main weapon to use against your enemies. Thinking fast, keeping your head on a swivel and making good use of character traits will help you make it through this game. Don't be surprised if you die, this game can get a little frustrating but I found you may have to switch characters or call in a buddy for some help.

Final Thoughts
This game is a lot of fun and I am truly enjoying going through and finding the secrets hidden in it. I almost forgot to mention the voice acting. I think that it's done well, the accents are pretty good and you can understand what is being said. The music is also amazing in the game. I like how it sets the tone and keeps you engaged while playing. I look forward to finishing this one up and I am not going to lie this is one of my favorite indie titles so far this year. Are you thinking about picking this one up? Let's talk about it in the comments and as always thanks for reading.


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