TV Review - Stranger Things Season 2 (don't worry its spoiler free)

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Thoughts on Season 2
The season takes place one year after the events of season 1, so yes you need to watch season 1 if you haven't yet. There is a lot to like about the season as the show picks up where they left off and in my honest opinion, ups the stakes and never look back. This season there are nine episodes instead of eight and nothing feels like a filler episode. The writing is solid and the characters that you know and love are all there doing their thing. The new additions to the cast this season do a great job as well and the chemistry between the kids is fantastic. I'm calling it now Noah Schnapp, who plays Will, deserves an Emmy for his performance this season. That boy was putting in some serious work. Not to say that everyone else sucked, its just he stood out in my opinion. David Harbour also was a stand out to me in the season especially toward the latter half of the season. His character of Hopper had a lot of character growth and it worked out nicely. From a visual standpoint, I was thoroughly impressed. I thought that the supernatural elements would stay kind of hidden like they did in the first season but that was not the case. Overall, I thought it looked great, still feeling the 80's nostalgia from the clothes to the music I think it still works and they do a great job of keeping with that feeling. Even the ending of season 2 felt like they finished the story that began in season 1, all the while setting the stage for what could happen in season 3.

So here's what I found to be a little annoying with the season. The first thing that annoyed me was Mike. I think his whole emo angst lasted way too long with no one at least telling him to chill out. One of the new characters was Billy and while they did show why he was the way he was I just feel like we didn't spend enough time with him. There are some people who had an issue with episode seven, I personally loved it because we got to meet El's "sister". My only problem was I wish she was in it a little more. At first, I thought she was going to be in it but didn't turn out like that.

For Parents
The series is rated TV-14. There are some horror elements in the show and there are a couple of deaths in it as well. One is pretty bad, as far as gore its not gore in the same sense as a horror movie but there is the one death at the end of the season that is pretty bad and is shown. There is a little bit of language in it, just like in season one. It's one of those shows where you should probably watch and judge for yourself as I don't think its that bad but there are a couple of people I know that don't think their kids can handle it. The episodes range between 45 minutes and an hour and are paced well.

Final Thoughts
Personally, I think that this season is better than season one. I give this season 5 STARS. Just like in my review of season 1, I think that this series is great for those of us that grew up back then and those who are fans of the movies and shows of that time. Have you finished season 2 yet? Let's talk about it in the comments and as always thanks for reading.


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