TV Series Review - Marvel's The Punisher

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Synopsis (from IMDB): After the murder of his family, Marine veteran Frank Castle became a vigilante known as the Punisher with only one goal in mind, to avenge them.

Sorry for the wait on this one people but here is what I thought about the Punisher. If you have seen Daredevil season 2 then you were introduced to Jon Bernthal's take on Frank Castle. A man whose family had been killed in a drug deal gone bad. The opening to this series begins with Frank cleaning up loose ends from the gangs he hunted in Hell's Kitchen. With the ones responsible now very much dead, Frank tries to live a quiet life but it's not long before he uncovers a conspiracy and is pulled back into being the Punisher. Like the other shows in the Marvel Netflix wheelhouse, this show is very grounded and deals with real-world issues. Issues like reintegrating soldiers back into society, PTSD, depression, dependency, and many others. I liked that aspect of the show as it made me understand Frank a little more and not just see him as a force of destructive vengeance. I also liked how grounded the action was and how realistic it looked. Let's not get it twisted there is a lot of action and violence in this season. On the acting front I did like the majority of the actors in this show, however, there are a couple actors that I felt just weren't all that interesting and maybe it was just there characters storylines but they just didn't  work for me. Where the story shines for me is with the conspiracy elements and what really happened in both Afganistan and when his family died. Also, the interactions between Frank and Micro were great and I found myself liking the two of them and their banter more and more. Honestly, I wouldn't mind watching a buddy cop type Frank and Micro series, that would be hilarious in my opinion. In essence, when the story is good the Punisher is great, however, when it isn't it's kinda bad in my opinion.

My main issues with this season are one of the main issues I have with all of the Marvel Netflix shows. The season is just too long. I don't believe that the season needed to be 13 episodes. A few of the episodes tend to drag especially when Jon Bernthal is not on screen. Also, some of the subplots I just didn't really care for and to me didn't really bring anything to the season of significance. While the violence didn't really bother me, I did find that at points I thought it went a little overboard.

For Parents
This show is rated TV-MA, for a reason. This show is violent and has some gore in it. A lot of the action sequences are brutal and there is a sex scene in the season as well. Each episode has a decent runtime associated with it and there are 13 episodes in this season. This is one I don't think the kids can watch. Trust me on this one.

Final Thoughts
Overall, I thought it was okay. I didn't hate it but I also didn't love it either. I give it a 4 out of 5 Stars. You don't need to have watched any of the previous series to watch this one. Although it would help if you have seen Daredevil Season 2 as the first episode wraps up what Frank was doing after he left New York at the end of that season. Have you watched The Punisher? What did you think about the season? Let's discuss in the comments and as always thanks for reading.


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