First Impressions - Battle Chef Brigade

Available on Nintendo Switch and Steam for $19.99

My Initial Thoughts
I have to say that this game is a pleasant surprise. This game mixes side-scrolling action adventure with puzzle mechanics to make a unique and I have to say fun experience. The game is broken up into six chapters and follows the character of Mina as she leaves (runs away from) her family-owned restaurant to go to the capital and join the Brigade. The first thing you notice about this game is the art style. I love the hand-drawn anime style art that this game utilizes. To me, it makes the world feel more alive and vibrant. The cast of characters is pretty good too. Each of the main characters of the story has their own attributes and cooking styles. No two dishes are prepared the same (at least I did not see any in my playthrough), the way they play is also unique to each other. The characters have their own specialty dishes and to win you have to get the proper ingredients and prepare a meal the judges will love. Paying attention to the little details can help you win over a judge. Adding that one extra ingredient to a particular dish may mean the difference between victory and defeat. From a story standpoint, it's not the greatest but its also not the worst I've ever played. The story has its moments and there are ample amounts of humor within which is always a plus in my book.

I mentioned before how this game is an action adventure mixed with a puzzle game, right? Well, that's basically it, honestly. The way you gather ingredients for the dish you are preparing is to go out and hunt it. Defeating different creatures will fill up your pantry with the ingredients. The puzzle portion is done when it is time to cook the dish. If you have played any puzzle game on a handheld, mobile phone, or tablet then you get the idea here. Match up the "colors" to get the cooking rating high enough and voila serve. Sounds easy enough and in the beginning, it is simple but it can get challenging, in a good way.  I liked that about the game I haven't been frustrated by it at this point and I do find it enjoyable.

So What Do I Think So Far
To be honest, I like the game. I like the variety in the gameplay and the way that the game keeps things unique. I like the story, for the most part, and the artwork. The main character Mina is likable to me and I don't mind seeing how this ends up. Have you picked this title up? What are your thoughts? Let's talk about it in the comments and as always thanks for reading.

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