Nintendo Mini Direct for 01.11.18

So much for my vacation for my blog. What's up peeps. Nintendo dropped a mini direct this morning and it had some pretty good announcements in it. The direct itself is about 15 minutes so it's not too long and they go in a rapid-fire style. If you want to watch it will be linked below. Here's my take on the proceedings.

There were a few games that truly surprised me in this morning's direct. Mario Tennis Aces are just like the name implies a Mario tennis game this one actually has a story mode in it and from the trailer the game looks good. The World Ends With You is a game originally released on the DS back in 2008 and I will be honest I never got a chance to play it so I will more than likely be picking up this version at some point but it looks pretty good. SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy, now this one caught me by surprise as this is a fighting game but with the lovely ladies of SNK. I would like to see more gameplay of this game as it has piqued my interest, I can't lie. Ys VIII, I played one of the Ys games on the Vita a few years back and it was a pretty good JRPG. I don't know if I will pick this one up day one as I have my heart set on Project Octopath Traveler (hopefully we get some more information on that one soon) but I will be keeping my eye on this one. Finally, there is the Dark Souls Remastered trailer at the end of the presentation. This one was rumored but I didn't believe it was coming but apparently, it is, not a big fan of the series but it was a surprise to me nonetheless.

The Remasters & DLC
So Pokken Tournament DX is getting DLC and is coming in two waves. Pokken is a fun game and I am glad it is still getting support but to be honest Pikachu Libre is still the man. Donkey Kong is joining Mario + Rabbids and the trailer is pretty funny. Glad to see this game be successful as well. Super Mario Odyssey is getting a free update called Luigi's Balloon World, looks like Nintendo found a way to get him in after all. Hyrule Warriors (one of my favorite games on the Wii U) is getting a definitive edition as well as character skins for Link and Zelda in their Breath of the Wild attire. Before you ask, yes I am picking the game up. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is also coming and this time with Funky Kong.

Overall I thought the direct was okay, especially since it was a mini direct. I know a lot of people were hoping for a more in-depth direct but we will probably get one of those sooner than we think. So is there any game announced in this direct that you plan on getting or has piqued your interest? Let's talk about it in the comments and as always thanks for watching.

Nintendo Mini Direct

Images via Nintendo Miitomo

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