First Impressions - Dragonball FighterZ

Available on PS4, XBONE, & PC

Initial Thoughts
If you are a fan of the Dragonball series or if you are a fan of fighting games I think that you will like this title from Namco Bandai and Arc System Works. The game is a 3 on 3 Tag battle system that plays a lot like the 3DS game Dragonball Extreme Butoden. This game, however, looks great and is in full 1080 resolution and the gameplay is fluid. From a visual standpoint, the game looks like playable anime. The cel-shaded characters and environments really work in my opinion and give some visuals that are right up there with the Naruto Ultimate Ninja series. There is a good mix of characters from the series and they were even kind enough to throw in a few from Dragonball Super (you should be watching that anime by the way). There are plenty of modes to choose from but to me, the story mode is where it is at, it's a new story written by Akira Toriyama himself the story revolves around the return on Android 16 and the mysterious Android 21. One of the best things about the story mode is the cutscenes where a lot of character roasting goes on during the story. One of the best roasters is Cell. He has a line for everyone and a comeback that usually makes me laugh. There are three arcs that you have to complete to get the full ending.

There are plenty of modes to go through and everything goes through the lobby. The arcade mode is pretty unique in that there are 3 different paths and depending on how you perform depends on how the difficulty is applied. I actually like that as it is different from the usual ladder format seen in other traditional fighters. There are also your standard practice, online, and story modes as well. This game is the epitome of easy to pick up and hard to master. Each character is unique and has the movesets from the anime intact. It's important to know though, that some characters move rely on timing, others distance, etc. It's very important to spend enough time getting to know the character you are using. Character moves are not complicated either but once again timing is everything and knowing when to use certain moves and assists are important if you want to do well in this game. I mean you can button mash but when you play somebody that knows what they're doing it won't end well for you. Just saying.

Thoughts Overall
Don't get me wrong I am enjoying this game. I believe that this is the best Dragonball game pretty much ever. However, I don't like how the game makes you go online for everything. While they do give users plenty of options of servers to jump on I don't think I should be forced to go online if I want to play Arcade, Story, or Practice Modes. The way they have it causes issues when a lot of people are playing the game. For example, I was playing Arcade Mode once and lost and could not continue my game. The lobby was full and the game kicked me back to the server select screen. This would not have been a problem if I was not forced to go online to access the mode. Hopefully, they patch it where you don't have to go online for the offline modes. Other than that the game is a lot of fun and great for fans of the series and fighting game fans alike. Have you picked up Dragonball FighterZ? What do you think of the game? Let's talk about it in the comments and as always thanks for reading.

Story Mode Gameplay

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