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African Heroes - My favorite black comic book characters

Sorry for the wait peeps. I have been thinking about this particular post for a while now. I have been an avid reader of comics since the early 90's. My books of choice revolve around the X-Men as I have found that those books speak to me in a way that most other comics just frankly don't. Over the years my comic tastes have grown and there are a number of characters, both hero, and villain, that I like. With the current boom in popularity of the superhero movie in Hollywood. A lot of characters have been greenlit and a lot of projects have already come forward. Some good others not so good, and others are phenomenal. The following are my favorite comic book characters that exemplify that black excellence.

First up is Storm. Storm has been around since the mid-70's and she is one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel comics universe. Her powers involve the manipulation of weather. Her abilities caused her to be hailed as a Goddess in her native home of Kenya. However…

Movie Review - A Wrinkle In Time (Spoiler free of course)

Synopsis (from IMDB): Following a new form of space travel as well as Meg's father's disappearance, she, her brother, and her friend must join three magical beings - Mrs. WhatIsIt, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which - to travel across the universe to rescue him from a terrible evil.

To be honest it has been over 20 years since I read the book so my memory of it is decidedly hazy and I am thankful for that in all honesty. This Disney's second attempt at adapting this story and in my honest opinion it's not a bad attempt. A lot of people believe that this book is one of those unfilmable stories. While this movie does have its fair share of problems I think it does a good job of sticking to its themes and being a movie that I believe families will enjoy. From a visual standpoint, I thought it was shot great and that a lot of those CG shots actually worked. I think the actors all did a great job especially Storm Reid. There was a lot of emotional issues in the movie and I think that…

Nintendo Direct 03-08-18 Thoughts

Thoughts On the Direct
Sorry, it took so long to give my thoughts on the latest Direct but better late than never, am I right. The latest Direct followed the format of the last few Directs with some headlines than a couple of games getting features. The presentation started off with a few games coming to the 3DS and it was good to see that it is still be supported. Nothing in the 3DS portion of the presentation interested me though, I thought that portion was just okay. As for the Switch, there were announcements and some games got concrete release dates. So that I don't talk your ear off I'm just going to highlight my favorite parts of the presentation. And now without further ado.

Octopath Traveler - we got a release date and a reveal of two more characters. If you are a fan of JRPGs especially old school ones, check out the demo in the eShop it is very good and actually has me looking forward to this game. The game releases on 07/13/18.No More Heroes Travis Strikes Again - t…

First Impressions - Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds Overdrive

The version played Nintendo Switch

Initial Thoughts
So Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds Overdrive is a side-scrolling beat'em up.  Seeing as how I am a fan of side-scrollers I decided to give this game a go.  I never played the original and from what I understand this game is a spinoff of that title. The game is a four-player co-op and the characters are all chibi form.One thing about this game is that it has a lot of Japanese tropes that I like from the character design to there interactions with enemies, it is all pretty fun. Each of the characters is unique and have different play aspects. Personally, I like rolling with Yuzuha, obligatory ninja character, she plays fast and I like her moveset. The villains are as unique as the characters and some just look plain crazy.  I also like the environments in this game as every level feels fresh and completely different from the previous level. As far as the design of the game is concerned I like it.

So this game is in Japan…

Voltron Season 5 Review

Available on NetFlix

The Season
Voltron Season 5 has been released in all of its six-episode glory. This season there is some pretty significant story reveals and pretty dope action sequences. The story picks up right where season 4 left off with the team working with the exiled Prince Lotor to disrupt the Galra Empire. The Voltron team is still winning their battles against the empire and still not trusting Lotor completely. Which is smart by the way. The season did a good job of showing his good side as well as his slippery side. I just don't think that you can trust him and I give the writers mad props on that. As far as the action it is still the same high quality that you have seen in previous seasons. That's cool but the story this season does pick up as we see Lance go from goofball to a more serious character. By that I mean he has more serious moments than goofball moments as there is one episode in particular where Lance is being the Lance we've come to know. Pidg…

Nintendo Switch Year in Review

What is up people. The Nintendo Switch turns one today and I thought I would give a few thoughts on some of my favorite titles on the system. Just so you know I do have a lot of games but these are just a few of my favorites. I may do a separate post on the Arcade Classic games that I have on the Switch because there are a few that I enjoy immensely on the system.

One thing that no one can complain about is Nintendo having droughts. The Switch gets games often and have even gotten third-party support (I know shocker). The indies are there in droves, so there is always something that will pique your interest. Let's take a look at my five favorite games on the Switch. These five games are in no particular order they are just five that I like to play.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Was there ever any doubt about this game being in my top five. This game is huge. The team at Monolith Soft and Nintendo did an amazing job with Hyrule. After 300+ hours in the game, I am still …