Nintendo Direct 03-08-18 Thoughts

Thoughts On the Direct
Sorry, it took so long to give my thoughts on the latest Direct but better late than never, am I right. The latest Direct followed the format of the last few Directs with some headlines than a couple of games getting features. The presentation started off with a few games coming to the 3DS and it was good to see that it is still be supported. Nothing in the 3DS portion of the presentation interested me though, I thought that portion was just okay. As for the Switch, there were announcements and some games got concrete release dates. So that I don't talk your ear off I'm just going to highlight my favorite parts of the presentation. And now without further ado.

  • Octopath Traveler - we got a release date and a reveal of two more characters. If you are a fan of JRPGs especially old school ones, check out the demo in the eShop it is very good and actually has me looking forward to this game. The game releases on 07/13/18.
  • No More Heroes Travis Strikes Again - this time around we saw a little of the gameplay. The game looks interesting and in all honesty, I am just glad the No More Heroes franchise is back. Now if we can just get Travis in Super Smash Bros.
  • Mario Tennis Aces - this was one of the featured titles during the presentation. Not only did we get a release date, 06/22/18, there was also a wealth of information on the game itself. The game seems like its going to be jam-packed.
  • Splatoon 2 - the story DLC was featured in this trailer. It looks like it is going to be a beefy story add-on and will unlock Octolings to be used in-game upon completion of the mode. Not going to lie I am looking forward to playing that, just gotta get the game first. 
  • Smash Bros 2018 - probably the biggest surprise of the Direct itself. A couple of things stand out to me from the teaser trailer. 1. Breath of the Wild Link (finally, tired of playing as Twilight Link) 2. The inclusion of Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl. This looks like it will be a new game in the series and I just hope it can keep its 2018 release window.
So what stood out to you during the Direct? Any games you planning on picking up now that you weren't entirely sure about before? Leave a comment and as always thanks for reading.

Nintendo Direct

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