TV Series - Luke Cage Season 2 Review (Spoiler Free Of Course)

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The Hero of Harlem is Back
This season was an interesting one, to say the least. On a personal note, I thought they fixed a lot of the issues from the first season. In this season, Luke is still the defender of Harlem and still trying to find a way to get Mariah and Shades behind bars. Nothing ever goes smoothly in these Marvel/Netflix shows and when a new player comes on the scene that has a vendetta against the Stokes family things get complicated. Mustafa Shakir's portrayal of Bushmaster is amazing. He is one of the best villains Marvel has, period. As the season goes on you really see Bushmaster and Luke as having similar motivations just different ways of going about achieving the goal of getting rid of Mariah. Alfre Woodard does an awesome job as Mariah especially as her arc goes to some interesting places this season. The new cast members do a great job as well, my favorite though is Gabrielle Dennis' portrayal of Tilda Johnson. I am looking forward to seeing what they will do with her in future seasons. Cannot forget to mention Misty Knight. I loved her arc this season and Simone Missick killed it in that role. This season has a few notable guests, my favorite is when Finn Jones shows up as that episode is what a lot of comic book fans have been wanting to see since the Defenders teased it in their season. Elden Henson's Foggy Nelson shows up and in all honesty, he was back to his fun self and I was glad for that. Jessica Henwick's Colleen Wing shows up and now I want a Daughters of the Dragon spinoff which is probably not going to happen but a guy can dream. I am glad that the action sequences in this season were upgraded. The fights were well choreographed and not as stiff as they were in the first season. The music, man I love the music in Luke Cage this season tops season 1 and there is more variety in the offerings in my opinion. The season still retains the blaxploitation elements that season 1 and the comics are known for and I appreciate that as I feel it serves the character and the show they have set up very well.

While I do think that this season is better than last season that doesn't mean that it's not without its issues. The main one being the one that has plagued all of the Marvel/Netflix shows and that is the length. I think this season could have cut out at least two episodes. As much as I love Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple I think they dragged her story out and the beginning of the season and it hurt the pacing a little in my opinion early on. The last couple of episodes introduced a new crime boss into the series that I thought should have been introduced early on. I'm thinking that she will probably have a bigger role in the next season but we don't spend enough time with her and to me, it hurt the pacing a bit.

For Parents
If you have seen Season 1 then you know what to expect. However, I will add that they did up the gore in this season. Please take that into account if you are thinking about letting the older kids watch. There is some foul language but nothing they haven't heard in a Marver or DC movie. A few of the episodes can go a little over an hour so please keep that in mind.

Final Thoughts
I enjoyed this season and I thought it was better than the first. I liked the villain and his arc and I liked where it ended up. There are some people that don't like the ending but I think its important, especially if they go where I think they are going to go next season with the series. Hopefully next season Jessica Jones and Daredevil can guest star as I like the idea of them crossing over for a couple of episodes. Have you seen the season 2 of Luke Cage? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and as always thanks for watching.


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